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Strength & Healing Through Therapeutic Yoga

10 ways that guided Therapeutic Yoga can strengthen and heal you:

1. Physical wellbeing - consistent yoga works on increasing flexibility, which decreases the risk of injury, and supports increased mobility, better posture, and improved strength

2. Reducing stress - emphasis on learning how to calm the mind supports teaching the body how to relax, regular practice supports overall stress reliance, where you feel more apt to cope with and effectively deal with daily stressors.

3. Mental wellbeing -Therapeutic benefits show that people who have a regular practice have less mood instability and see improvements and better management of both anxiety and depression. Further people with consistent practice report having better mental focus and improved concentration and problem solving.

4. Emotional strengthening through practice people experience greater emotional awareness and deeper self and other compassion.

5. Sleep improvements deeper and more restorative sleep.

6. Enhanced breathing and improvement of overall respiration health. Safe for people who have respiratory challenges such as asthma or COPD.

7. Gut health - some postures contribute to aiding in digestion, reducing bloating and alleviate overall gastrointestinal health.

8. Chronic pain relief - people with a regular yoga practice show reduction in pain and improvements in pain management, including fibromyalgia, arthritic starts and sciatica.

9. Holistic healing - a regular practice is designed to enhance and compliment alternative health and medical practices, strengthening the mind body connection and improve outcomes.

10. Taylor made treatment using guide yoga therapy can support individuals to recognize and tune into the areas of the heart, mind and body that need healing most.

Guided Yoga Therapy workshops are offered regularly at Reset. If you have benefits, you can get reimbursed through your extended health benefits (registered clinical counsellor, RCC) join us and take steps to heal and strengthen yourself.

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